Just announced! The Neighborhood Form-Based Code Charrette Public Event Schedule!

Ready or not, here they come!

The Plan Build Live Form-Based Code Consulting Team will be back in town October 29 - November 1 to hold detailed charrettes with the four neighborhoods that have volunteered to implement the Form-Based code first!  If you are a resident of or business owner in Walnut Hills, Madisonville, Westwood or College Hill, you won't want to miss your chance to help craft a detailed vision for your community -- a vision that will put rubber to road via the Form-Based Code.  If you're interested, contact your community council for details or send a message to della.rucker@wiseeconomy.com and she'll get you connected to the right people.  

Not a resident of those four neighborhoods?  Never fear...you will have several opportunities to learn more about the Code, and ways to foster vibrant urbanism. Here are the key events you'll want to have in your calendar (all events will be held in the Two Centennial Building, 805 Central Avenue -- see below for more details): 

  • Monday, October 29, 6:00 PM The Form-Based Code Team will give an opening presentation.  The team will explain the objectives for the week's work, the role of the vision plans in fitting the Form-Based Code to each neighborhood, and the relationship between the citywide Form-Based Code and the work going on this week. 
  • Tuesday, October 30 and Wednesday, October 31, both at 6:00 PM:  Each night, two of the four neighborhoods will have their very own Pin-Up -- an open house-style sharing of what the designers and planners are coming up with to date.  Meetings with neighborhoods are still being scheduled, so stay tuned for the announcement of which neighborhoods will be featured which night.
  • Tuesday, October 30 and Wednesday, October 31, both at 12:00  PM: The highly popular Brown Bag Lunches from the spring charrettes are back!  Both days, members of the Form-Based Code team will give informative and enjoyable presentations on important issues in urban revitalization and planning.  Stay turned for speakers and topics, but be sure to block out your lunch hour those days... you won't want to miss it!
  • Thursday, November 1, 6:00 PM:  The Form-Based Code Team will give its Closing Presentations -- and show off the design and code work they've been doing all week. 

All of these sessions will be held in the Studio, also known as the Two Centennial Plaza Building (805 Central Avenue, Downtown).  This is the same location as the Urban Design Workshops we held last spring -- it's the middle one of the three rectangular buildings that sit between the Cincinnati City Hall and I-75.  Click here for a map.  Parking, if you need it, is available at metered spaces on the street or (for the evening events) in the two parking lots immediately at the rear of the building.  Please call the Department of Planning and Buildings at 513-352-4845 if you need specific accommodations.

It's getting exciting!  Stay tuned for more details as they become available!