Put In Your Two Cents and Get Coffee

Wednesday in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Madisonville, and Friday in the Walnut Hills neighborhood, City Planning and Buildings staff, with community members, tried out a new concept for engaging the public. Staff and community members manned small tables out on the main streets, equipped with stacks of topic cards, pencils, and coffee. The deal offered was that passersby could either pay two cents for coffee - and chat if they wanted to - or put in their "two cents" - write opinions, comments, thoughts - on one of the Comprehensive Plan topics on the cards. Not a bad deal for a chilly morning.

"Customers" left comments mostly about businesses they'd like to see in the neighborhoods, including small businesses, grocery stores, and produce vendors. One called for a better design for Madison Square, while a couple also left comments about Metro bus service they'd like to see. Still others called for good, family-supporting jobs and more safe neighborhoods.

Watch for more “Your Two Cents For Coffee” and other enticing ways to get involved with Plan Build Live over the coming months.

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